Madeline Eastman and Gini, The Duchess, Wilson

Sunday, February 12, 1996

Anyone who's NetSite begins

Hipsters, Flipsters and
Finger Poppin' Daddies...
Knock me your Lobes

already has a head start.

Such a creative spirit is my friend Madeline Eastman, jazz vocalist supreme. Mad is blessed with a prime set of pipes which accompanies her delicious sense of madcap humor. A restless spirit who roams the road, and her road is the world, Eastman just returned from Denmark, Finland, and...well why don't you just go to her jivin' Net Site and find out for yourself. Madaline will take over Kimball's East on Valentines Day. She sold out both her shows last year so act now if you want to get in on the fun and romance.

Tonight she is seated aside another great pal 'o mine, The Duchess, Gini Wilson, who commands the ivories at Moose's every Sunday night. Gini and I are simpatico chums. We've been running around together spreading whatever havoc we can get away with amidst San Francisco's lively social scene for years now. She is one great pianist who Michael Tillson Thomas says has "one hellava great left hand."

Visit Gini's website Chamber Jazz.

Gin has sired another great creative talent, writer/actress Cintra Wilson. Cintra is now working in New York where she is starring in a new film with Richard Egen.

Not a bad for a Sunday's eve.

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