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How To Make Your Website 'S I Z Z L E ! '

Wizards of the Web!

Netscape's Editor-in-Chief Eliot Bergson,
Best-selling author Laura Lemay,
"#2 Cool Site of the Year guy" David Siegel and others will share cutting-edge tips on "How to make your Website sizzle!" Your HTML IQ should take a leap, but that's besides the point. A series with informed and entertaining Web personalities is guaranteed for all.

This 3 part series begins November 29, 1995
6:30 - 9:30 PM Wednesday evenings.
$25 each lecture or $60 for the entire series.

Media Screening Room
The Center for the Arts
Yerba Buena Gardens
701 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA

Reservations and information:
Call CEA at 415-512-9300
Email CEA info@cea.edu

The Webmaster Lecture Series Website

Sponsored by:

Center for The Arts, Yerba Buena Gardens

Nov 29, 1995 "Beyond Marketing"A Panel Discussion featuring

Chip Hall of NRH Public Relations Inc.
Eliot Bergson Editor in Chief of Netscape Communications
Harold Hedelman Founder of the Center for Electronic Art.
Nick Arnett Internet Marketing Manager: Verity
Drue Miller Webmistress of vivid studios

Nov. 29th....Sold Out....Thank You!

Dec 6, 1995 Laura Lemay

Join "Doyen" of the Web Laura Lemay for an informative and fascinating evening. Laura's just published "More Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a week." follows her de facto 'Bible' and number 1 best selling book on Web authoring. Next at bat is Laura's tome on scripting Hot Java, dazzling software which might initiate the next quantum leap in Web presentations. Do not miss this evening.

Dec. 13, 1995 David Siegel

Join award-winning web-site designer David Siegel for an evening of sites and delights. Thrill to his breathtaking HTML stunts, watch guerrilla web-site design in real time, get a designer's-eye-view of the Web and learn the innermost secrets of one of the Web's most innovative designers. You'll learn why pages are out and sites are in; how to make great graphics come up fast; how to do good typography on-line; how to use tables for almost everything; killer Photoshop tricks for the Web; the Seven Deadly Sins of Web Site Design; the three food groups of the Web and much more.

Take control of your pages and get rid of the "junk HTML." Bring your hardest questions to the guy whose WebEstate was the first runner-up in the Cool Site of the Year! competition and prepare to break the grip of ordinary page design. David will explain web site design in plain English, not Webspeak, so you can apply all these principles to the project you're working on NOW!


C E A Goes to the Zoo!

Welcome to the Oakland Zoo Collage

After two weeks of trudging through the African Savannah, swinging across the Asian rain forest and sending files god-knows-where in cyberspace, CEA's mid-November Multimedia Intensive Workshop created a prototype Web site for the Oakland Zoo.

Enter at your own risk, not only are there animals loose but this is only a prototype, really.

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