The Committee  ~ 1983

The Committee

Reuniting for a Bread & Roses benefit ~ Dec. 17, 1983

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Howard Hesseman (WKRP in Cincinnati) | Carl Gottlieb-Clueless | Garry Goodrow-Dirty Dancing | David Stierns (Mash) | Julie Payne (This Is Spinal Tap) | Scott Beach-The Right Stuff | Aloudin Matthew | Peter Bonerz (Bob Newhart Show) | Rob Reiner (All in the Family)

Rob Reiner - All in the Family, Film Director Peter Bonerz (The Bob Newhart Show)  Aloudin Matthew Scott Beach-The Right Stuff Julie Payne (This Is Spinal Tap) David Stierns (M*A*S*H*) Garry Goodrow-Dirty Dancing Carl Gottlieb- Clueless Howard Hessman-KLRB in Cincinattee


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