Artist's Statement


"Your photography is a total sensory experience. You've managed to capture the essence of a period that my generation would've loved to have known. I feel as if I now have a connection with my parents past and I can better relate to the era that they grew up in. The people represented here are the ones who have helped us all get where we are today" ...Jen Long

"The honest to God truth is that I cried like a baby looking at your Sixties photography. It is a powerful reminder of our generation's optimistic dream of creating a better world for ourselves and our children from the bottom up. I really miss my optimism and you have touched my broken heart in a most powerful way." ...Bob Olhsson

These touching letters affirm the powerful impact photography can have. They certainly make all the time, struggle and sometimes despair that went into recording these powerful images over the years worth it. Mission fulfilled...or is it? My new calling is to further disseminate my art- principally to galleries. Thankfully my photojournalism continues to appear throughout the media in such diverse places as a Chevy TV commercial, feature films and documentaries as well as books and magazines.

I was blessed with an eye for composition and and a cellular talent to know when to click the camera's release- thus capturing "the decisive moment." I realized long ago that my "raison d'être" was to chronicle and publish photos depicting the life and times that the Sixties inspired.  It was "meant to be" and photojournalism became my vocation, really my calling... whether I was hired to do so or not. This drive consumed my life.

I have since been asked- "Should we dismiss the 1960s as an irrelevant period in this country's history?" To paraphrase Abbie Hoffman- "As a generation, perhaps we were naive in our belief that we could actually change the world. We should honor ourselves for tremendous advancement of causes such as civil rights, equality for women as well as spiritual and self growth."

I admit that we had an extended adolescence. It's almost as if our parents said, "OK- go out and have a good time but be back by 1974."

I now have a 70 piece exhibition which has already garnered much attention and praise. My aim is to keep the show on the road.

Robert Altman