Photo of Ellen Scheff

Ellen Scheff

My college girlfriend...certainly one of the great loves of my life. We had an auspicious reunion in Miami a few years back. Ellen is one of the most unforgettable characters many of us ever met. She became a Whitney and is a successful business woman. Ellen admitted her mom always thought we might tie that knot.

* Update: Feb. 2002- I had lost touch with Ellen about fifteen years ago. Apparently she left Miami. I thought that was that and what a shame.

Last week an e-mail from her popped up. There she was. A friend found this page on the web. She is now happily Mrs. Schneider and wonder of wonders Ellen went back to school and is now a practicing attorney!!!

Ellen: " I remember exactly where I met you and what you were wearing. I was just coming out of Mr. Pops' English 101, early in my first semester. Funny what we remember and what we don't.."