Pict of  Peter Pizzitola

Peter Pizzitola

Finally reaching the West Coast we made a run to Tiajuana.

Having your typical weird south of the border experiences we then planned to lay about in Los Angeles. Approaching L.A. for the first time ever we were repelled by the puke green smog we saw from the freeway. Next came noxious smells and throat irritation which poured through our car windows. It's been twenty seven years since that ride and to this day I am still trying to fit in with L. A. I'm sorry to say I always seem to feel like a stranger there.

So we just kept driving North on coastal Highway 1 until we found ourselves in San Francisco on the doorstep of our Hunter College friend Shirley Feldman...

April, 1996

I am deeply saddened to convey that we just lost Peter from an unremitting tobacco habit and its toxic respiratory aftermath.