Cousin Joan and Dr. Bob

Beyond my own family, the relative I love and respect the most is my cousin Joan.

We are very close in age, I am a year or two older, and we bonded early. She always knew where to find me when we played 'hide and seek' at my Grandma Roth's house at Rosh Hashana (I always hid in the closet and she always found me.)

She'd murder me if I told you she was once Cornell's Homecoming Queen so I won't mention that. Today Joan is a highly successful and sought after television producer/director. She has won Emmy's for such shows as "Ken Kesey's American Dream" for PBS. She has also won awards as an independent film maker (Honor Bound for KPIX) and has been a team member on projects garnering The Peaboby Award. Not bad cuz.

Joan married her college sweetheart Bob Saffa and they live close by in Mill Valley, Ca. Bob actively practices Medicine (he's a highly respected physician and pediatrician) both privately and at UCSF in the Bay area. He has always been one of my favorite people. We all now share a new interest in computers and the World Wide Web. This has led to additional, hilarious dinner bacchanals at their home.

Oh, before I forget, here's one of my favorite photos of Joan with then baby Jason.

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